Hot water circulator


Jim’s Plumbing and Heating Services is a professional manufacturer and exporter for motor and pump. And there are almost many years of experience in water pump processing, producing, designing, distributing, serving and service after sales of our company.
We provide servicing, maintenance, repairs, supply and installation of all makes and models of hot water systems to all suburbs in the metropolitan area, including gas, electric and solar.
All work done is of the highest quality and is done only by fully qualified and certified trade’s professionals, employed directly by Jim’s Plumbing and Heating – we do not outsource to sub contractors
We are specialized in producing and designing of house holding water pump. Our theme is, the sooner hot water is received at your desired temperature, the sooner very cold city water stops filling your water heater--water that would go down the drain, wasted.  Jim’s temperature dial provides homeowners the means to control and optimize their home’s hot water convenience and comfort for maximum efficiency and savings.

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